Miss Lora

After reading Junot Diaz’s story “Miss Lora” I was left with a strange feeling. In just fourteen pages Diaz has managed to open two heavy topics; the death of a brother and sex with an older woman. Diaz had my attention from the first paragraph in the way he dives straight into the story. His writing takes me by surprise in how open and at times vulgar it is. However, this is also what kept me hooked. I felt for the main character who struggles with the death of his brother and the way he lets it effect some of the choices he makes. He seems confused in life. He has a girlfriend, but she’s not really what he wants so he gets with an older woman to get a taste of sex. He goes through more girlfriends, but ends up looking for the older woman again. At the end of the story I felt an eerie sadness for him in the last line “Both of you blinked.” He could never get it straight after his brother died, and we see that after all these years he questions if he would have still done it if not for his brother.

Along with the attachment to the main character I enjoyed the story being written in second person, once I finally figured out what was going on. The way he was talking to his younger self added to the sadness for me. At the end of the story he still seemed lost and to think about him telling the story to himself again and asking if he would still make the same decisions just seemed hopeless.

Although I couldn’t read the parts of the story that were in Spanish I thought it worked well. It added to the honesty of the story. Diaz is so open with the character’s thoughts and the vulgarity of them that there’s no reason that the way the character speaks shouldn’t be realistic as well.

“Miss Lora” surprised me and I like that. When I started reading the story I definitely didn’t expect the first paragraph to include “I’d fuck her. You’d fuck anything, someone jeered.” As strange as I felt about the ending I wouldn’t want it to be any other way, because the whole story is strange and thats what makes me keep thinking about it.


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